Entering New Brunswick. GPS data copied from Simon

Well... we're not in Quebec anymore. My Garmin decided to delete my day's ride almost immediately after crossing into New Brunswick. Silly thing. We met Bill today. He's a total badass 69ish year old guy from Victoria doing the same trip as us, but solo. He's taking the summer off from Ironman so that he can jump into an older age bracket next year and "beat all the old farts", to win a place at the Kona Ironman. (You need to win you age group at an Ironman to do so). He was 30lbs heavier at our age, smoking three packs a day, and decided to start taking care of himself in his 50s. Like I said... badass. We were also chased by about 4 dogs owned by shitty dog owners. It was scary, almost bear spray scary, with no owners anywhere to be seen, and huge strong dogs running through the streets in a gang. They don't take kindly to cyclists, but a spray from a water bottle was luckily enough to keep things from escalating. Emily is back in cell service after hiking the North Coast Trail with Joel and Chad for the last week. I'm glad they're all ok, and there's no one I'd be more confident in than that crowd. I'll sleep better all the same. I wish all of Canada was Quebec. Ontario is so much more terrible in comparison. I'll keep ragging on Ontario all I like, it's my blog.

Ride Stats

Distance119.8 km
Elevation Gain688 m
Start Time 7:16 am
Riding Time 5 hours, 43 minutes
Total Time
Average Speed20.9 km/h
Top Speed47.2 km/h
Average Temperature °C
Average Power137.6 W
Energy Burned3162.9 Calories
Average Cadence rpm
Average Heart Rate bpm
Peak Heart Rate bpm
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