Hubert the Cuban

I want to write a scathing review of today's ride, it was completely terrible... headwind, rain, bad shoulder, broken spoke, isolation, cold, dirt road, etc etc. But some parts were still fun, like having Church roll out of Clarenville with us, and being done. If you're reading this and debating riding across Canada, first, stop it. It's not going to be as fun as you're expecting. Second, don't bother riding across Newfoundland. Vancouver to Halifax is just fine. If you must, take the Argentia ferry and skip most of NL. Spend those days in the Yukon, or PEI, or nearly anywhere else except northern Ontario. Emily flew overhead today, from Vancouver to St. John's in about 10 hours. That took me 10 weeks. Planes are fast. But they can't run on granola bars. I'm tired, and excited, and happy. Tomorrow should be fun :)

Ride Stats

Distance133.0 km
Elevation Gain1499 m
Start Time10:11 am
Riding Time 6 hours, 30 minutes
Total Time 9 hours, 22 minutes
Average Speed20.4 km/h
Top Speed54.0 km/h
Average Temperature16.0 °C
Average Power155.0 W
Energy Burned4051.4 Calories
Average Cadence rpm
Average Heart Rate bpm
Peak Heart Rate bpm
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