We managed to dodge the rain again today, sort of. After we set up out tents and covered our panniers, we went to get some lunch/dinner, and it poured while we were eating. Luckily the stuff inside the tents stayed more or less dry, but my pannier covers seem to be completely useless now, holding in more water than they keep out. Some other gear is definitely on its last legs, including my flip flops, which have both undergone surgery at the hands of yours truly, and my red bibshorts, which have little elastic spaghetti peeling off the compression band. My pillow also has a slow leak. Hang in there gear, one week left! It's funny how in 10 weeks we're putting in a full lifetime worth of use on some equipment. When you think of a friend who "does a lot of camping", they may use their tent a half dozen times a year. That'd be a decent season. We're doing that in a week, and it's frequently packed away wet. Put that way, 70 days is a decade worth of use, which seems like a respectable lifetime for a piece of equipment. Anything that makes it until the very end with remaining useful life will get my seal of approval. Speaking of one week left... ONE freakin week left!! I'm interested to see how my brain handles not cycling for 4 to 8 hours every day. I wonder if days will feel really long or really short.

Ride Stats

Distance93.1 km
Elevation Gain669 m
Start Time 8:21 am
Riding Time 3 hours, 49 minutes
Total Time 4 hours, 58 minutes
Average Speed24.3 km/h
Top Speed60.5 km/h
Average Temperature24.0 °C
Average Power163.4 W
Energy Burned2509.4 Calories
Average Cadence rpm
Average Heart Rate bpm
Peak Heart Rate bpm
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