The beginning of the end

Rolling off the ferry with the hubbubs was pretty exciting, as most territorial boundaries have been. This meant we were all grins for the first half hour or so, despite the rain, drizzle, and fog (RDF) the island is so known for. Once all the big welcome signs were behind us and we started to settle in for the day, the size of the remaining task at hand started to creep into my mind: we still have about 1000km left to cycle. Before I had too much time to ponder this fact, the fog started to break up near the Twin Hills, and we could catch a glimpse of blue sky for the first time. Riding between the hills and toward the western side of the range produced some of the most incredible views on the trip so far. The fog was pouring over the tops of the hills, but burning off almost immediately upon hitting the warm air on the other side. This was on our right for about an hour, with the ocean on our left. Why doesn't anyone live out here? It's known as the Wreckhouse area, for the high winds, but we can make buildings to tolerate much more intense wind than we could 100 years ago. Concrete and steel exist now. In earthquake zones. Once the novelty wore off, and we had ridden beyond the fog bank anyway, I had time to remember that we were not yet, in fact, finished the bike trip, and still had to ride for over a week. I had a good few hours to stew in that headspace, which was pretty ugly. In retrospect, I think riding in the other direction, to finish in BC, might be more enjoyable for me. In this direction I'm riding away from the life I have chosen and created and love, and toward the one I wanted to leave. It's a little less exciting. That said, I am very excited to see everyone at the end, and on the way through the province. There are a lot of people here who mean a lot to me, so for that reason I'll suck it up and ride this huge barren wasteland. Tonight we're in Barachois Pond Provincial Park, about 75km south-west of Corner Brook. I had heard of the park before, but this is my first time here. I expect a lot of stops along the way will share that same theme as the trip comes to a close. Life touring on a bike definitely flows at slower pace. "No, just a regular bike" "Oh you means a pedal bike!?" "A bicycle" "Yeah, what ya pedals. A regular bike got a motor in er" "..." "Yeer not ridin dem all da way to Sin Jawns is ye?" "Yes, that's the plan. We've already come from BC, so there's not much left really" "But Newfoundland is YOUGE, yer nuts to be at dat. Wouldn't be me!" "..." 9 days left.

Ride Stats

Distance152.2 km
Elevation Gain1455 m
Start Time 9:22 am
Riding Time 6 hours, 50 minutes
Total Time
Average Speed22.3 km/h
Top Speed65.2 km/h
Average Temperature21.0 °C
Average Power158.8 W
Energy Burned4360.5 Calories
Average Cadence rpm
Average Heart Rate bpm
Peak Heart Rate bpm
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