Finishing Nova Scotia

Cape Breton was great. The highways weren't amazing, but with lighter traffic than most places, we made do. Our ferry this evening doesn't leave until midnight, so we had a ton of time to kill today. That meant we were a little lazy packing up camp, and still went for coffee after that, not hitting the road until after 10:00. For the first half of the day we continued to follow the north coast of Bras d'Or Lake, which is a massive salt water lake through the middle of Cape Breton Island. The water kept the temperatures reasonable, hovering just below 30 or so, and the views spectacular. We hopped off the highway at Baddeck to take the road through town, parallel to the TCH, and I wished we had planned a stop there. We were on a schedule though: lunch date with Deb as she made her way back to Newfoundland, finishing up her road trip. It's crazy that I see my mother about once a year, but we managed to meet up twice on this trip. Just before lunch we reached Kelly's Mountain, which was underwhelming from a "mountain" perspective, but a great little climb and descent, with huge viewpoints on both the north and south sides. There were hundreds of purple daisies growing along the side of the road over the top of hill, the first I had noticed over the whole trip. They've got a good view up there. We were told there was a shower in the ferry terminal, but there was not. We got creative. The cleaning crew were not impressed. Serves you right Marine Atlantic. Now we're sitting in the terminal, killing time. We planned out a potential timeline through Newfoundland. 10 days left.

Ride Stats

Distance95.0 km
Elevation Gain790 m
Start Time10:10 am
Riding Time 4 hours, 09 minutes
Total Time 6 hours, 23 minutes
Average Speed22.8 km/h
Top Speed51.1 km/h
Average Temperature27.0 °C
Average Power145.3 W
Energy Burned2426.6 Calories
Average Cadence rpm
Average Heart Rate bpm
Peak Heart Rate bpm
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