Cape Breton

Today we left mainland Canada and started Cape Breton Island. It'll only take two short days to cross it, and we'll be on the ferry tomorrow evening. Over the last three days or so we continued to cross paths with Kyle, who is doing a much longer tour, at over 8000km already! He's a good dude, hopefully we cross paths again. The heat has been intense over the last two days, and doesn't look like it will be letting up tomorrow. After finishing our ride and grabbing showers, we sat at the campsite just dripping sweat. Right now we're in a perfectly grimey diner with a pumpin' air conditioner until the sun gets a little lower. The wind has stopped completely and we will probably boil in our tents this evening.

Ride Stats

Distance98.3 km
Elevation Gain787 m
Start Time 7:59 am
Riding Time 4 hours, 14 minutes
Total Time 7 hours, 28 minutes
Average Speed23.2 km/h
Top Speed52.2 km/h
Average Temperature26.0 °C
Average Power150.4 W
Energy Burned2555.8 Calories
Average Cadence rpm
Average Heart Rate bpm
Peak Heart Rate bpm
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