Switching Coasts

Yesterday was great, and we got to bed nice and early, which made for an early rollout this morning. We didn't see much traffic along the Eastern Shore (as I've learned it is called), and tried to get as much riding in as possible before the heat got too intense. We were unsuccessful and the heat got intense - over 30 for a couple of hours, with a lot of humidity. This evening we're camping outside Antigonish. The campus there is impressive, especially for a town of 5000 or so.

Ride Stats

Distance149.6 km
Elevation Gain1208 m
Start Time 7:31 am
Riding Time 6 hours, 46 minutes
Total Time11 hours, 48 minutes
Average Speed22.1 km/h
Top Speed56.2 km/h
Average Temperature26.0 °C
Average Power142.9 W
Energy Burned3887.8 Calories
Average Cadence rpm
Average Heart Rate bpm
Peak Heart Rate bpm
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