Visiting Some Hooligans

I mean Haligonians. Today marked the most major of the detours from the trip that I had originally envisioned: the addition of a trip to Halifax. We left Garry and Lori's with full bellies and high spirits, after a great snooze and visit. Thanks again to everyone along the way who has made (and will make) the trip a little more comfortable for an evening. It keeps morale high and is much appreciated! Speaking of meeting up with people along the way, today we rode to Lower Sackville (heh) to visit with our old house and classmate Edgar, his wife Jennifer and daughter Nora. The ride was rather uneventful, with the third day of headwind in a row. We didn't get rained on which was nice. Tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday will be spent in the Halifax area as rest and visiting days. I have a lot of family around here that I don't get to see often enough, so I'll be riding to Dartmouth tomorrow to stay with Carl, Kristen and Christian.

Ride Stats

Distance88.7 km
Elevation Gain588 m
Start Time 9:13 am
Riding Time 4 hours, 11 minutes
Total Time 5 hours, 27 minutes
Average Speed21.1 km/h
Top Speed48.6 km/h
Average Temperature21.0 °C
Average Power135.8 W
Energy Burned2287.2 Calories
Average Cadence rpm
Average Heart Rate bpm
Peak Heart Rate bpm
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