You can find me in Saint-Louis

The photo is from the marina we camped at last night. Check the map, we were surrounded by water on three sides and could hear the waves all night. Hard ol' day, I'm wiped. It was good, but relatively barren, so instead of focussing on scenery I focussed on a good training ride. I'm happy with the result. At 5.5 hours I tasted barf for a second so called it a day as we cruised to the campsite. Mirimachi was smaller than expected, but a nice town. I'm very impressed with the level of bilingualism in NB. Every sign and person is completely fluent in either language, and I have found myself copying their habit of saying the same phrase in both languages, unsure of the preference of the other party. I dig it. Goodnight/bonsoir

Ride Stats

Distance139.1 km
Elevation Gain839 m
Start Time 8:45 am
Riding Time 5 hours, 48 minutes
Total Time 8 hours, 59 minutes
Average Speed24.0 km/h
Top Speed55.1 km/h
Average Temperature23.0 °C
Average Power145.4 W
Energy Burned3389.1 Calories
Average Cadence rpm
Average Heart Rate bpm
Peak Heart Rate bpm
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