Au revoir Saint-Laurent

Today, as the map very clearly shows, we left the banks of the Saint Laurence and started to head South toward the east coast of New Brunswick. I really enjoyed the last few days, as I had expected I would before even starting the trip. Though we are still in Quebec, I found myself reflecting on the time here over the last week. Some things that stood out include: - My French has improved considerably. I now have complete conversations with people daily. It's nice to use it again. - It's easy to build nice bike infrastructure on a municipal scale, and many cities in other provinces do that well, but to connect it all together at a provincial level is a much bigger undertaking, and Quebec has nailed it. - If you provide infrastructure, your citizens will take advantage of it. We saw dozens of tourists of all ages, riding from town to town. None were surprised to see us. Most were very surprised that we had come from so far. This tells me that Québécois folks generally do a lot of bike touring close to home. Imagine Newfie retirees riding 60km for a half dozen days in a row. There are zero, but that's how it works here. - The Saint Laurence is so relaxing. It reminds me of the pace of life on the islands off the coast of BC; no one is in a hurry. Probably because so many folks are retirees or on vacation. - I want to see the rest of the Gaspe Peninsula some day. Leaving it feels premature, but I'm glad to have seen as much as we did. - I still don't know where the river ends and the ocean begins. I'll go look that up now.

Ride Stats

Distance160.0 km
Elevation Gain871 m
Start Time 7:59 am
Riding Time 6 hours, 44 minutes
Total Time11 hours, 14 minutes
Average Speed23.8 km/h
Top Speed59.4 km/h
Average Temperature19.0 °C
Average Power151.3 W
Energy Burned4091.0 Calories
Average Cadence rpm
Average Heart Rate bpm
Peak Heart Rate bpm
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