Churches and Cheese Curds

Things are going very well. Yesterday we had a rest day in beautiful Old Quebec, very relaxing and a great city to visit if you have never been. I've been thinking a lot about a return visit to the region in the winter with Emily. The density of the towns along both shores of the Saint Laurence means that the kilometres just roll by, sometimes clocking 20k or more between looking at my bike computer at all. This is a far cry from Ontario, where I watched every 100m tick by. I also noticed in Ontario (because there was nothing else to notice) that there are + signs on the pavement every 25 meters. You can imagine how bored I was to figure that out. I thought of it today because I realized how relaxing it was to not have to stare at the pavement literally all day long. So there are a lot of towns here. And each has "Saint" in the name, as my mother pointed out. Each also has a massive church. They take their worship seriously around here. They're nearly always the nicest building in the town, by far. More tail wind today, good food, tiny coffee shops with folks who speak no English, and views of ski hills across the river. AND I became a step-uncle today! That's pretty exciting. Going to sleep on a good note.

Ride Stats

Distance141.3 km
Elevation Gain574 m
Start Time 6:19 am
Riding Time 5 hours, 51 minutes
Total Time11 hours, 51 minutes
Average Speed24.1 km/h
Top Speed52.6 km/h
Average Temperature19.0 °C
Average Power143.2 W
Energy Burned3362.8 Calories
Average Cadence rpm
Average Heart Rate bpm
Peak Heart Rate bpm
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