Joel saves the day

Things started out great, on the road before 8, overcast and cool, for the first hour. Then the rain started. Heavy rain. For three hours straight. It was right at the temperature where you no longer sweat because you're being liquid cooled. But that meant we couldn't stop because we'd cool down too much and it'd be hell to warm up again. At one point I started laughing out loud. Every day previously I had been coping mentally with phrases like "at least it's not also raining", "at least it's not a gravel road", etc. after the third section of resurfacing grooves covered in a centimetre of water, I began to realize that Ontario was taking my positive thinking as a dare, and that the next day would indeed be that. Sounds like a Disney movie. At 90km we got to Sturgeon Falls (and I sang it to the tune of Chagrin Falls by the Hip, to myself). We cleaned out their bakery of one of everything, and grabbed lunch. We pressed on because this is Joel's last day at his cottage in North Bay, about 40km east of Sturgeon Falls, where we had planned our first rest day in two weeks and over 1800km, since Winnipeg. About 10km further east I see a car in the distance pulled over in the gravel, and out steps my great friend Joel, who we had last seen 5 weeks ago to the day, as he rode with us from Vancouver to the ferry terminal to begin the trip. He had energy bars and Gatorade for us, and took our panniers in the trunk so that we could ride the rest of the day unloaded. Turns out the rest of the day was 60km, not the 30 we had hoped, but by this point the rain had stopped, our bikes were light, and we had 100km behind us, so we had no excuse not to hammer it out. Arriving at the cottage was perfect. The family is so welcoming and warm; they often do large cycling trips as well in Europe, so they had a lot of interest in our own adventure. After a lake swim and two beer I can hardly keep my eyes open. We saw a sign for Ottawa today, it's under 400km away. Almost finished Ontario.

Ride Stats

Distance162.0 km
Elevation Gain662 m
Start Time 7:48 am
Riding Time 6 hours, 54 minutes
Total Time 8 hours, 49 minutes
Average Speed23.5 km/h
Top Speed48.6 km/h
Average Temperature17.0 °C
Average Power133.2 W
Energy Burned3689.0 Calories
Average Cadence rpm
Average Heart Rate bpm
Peak Heart Rate bpm
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