Sudbury blaaarrrhhghgh

Riding a bad shoulder is mentally exhausting. Today we did so for about 6 hours. When there's room to ride your mind can wander to bigger life issues and solve problems that are lingering in the back of your mind. On days like today there's no time for that. You need to focus 100% of your attention on the zero to 12 inch wide strip of asphalt in front of you, constantly ready to swerve into the gravel, or into the lane, if there's a hole big enough to throw you over the bars. Neither is a great. This also means you need to be aware of what's coming up on you, how wide it is, how fast it's moving, and how long you could potentially be in the lane before running out of room. It's weird... everyone tells us "watch out, there are a lot of crazy drivers out there" but we see essentially zero people pulled over. I think we saw one actually, in 4500km or so. All that said, it's not surprising I broke a spoke today. It's Friday, so every Bobby Weekend is towing his 40ft trailer to go "roughing it" on a patch of grass 20km out of town. While filling the kiddie pool with drinking water (that was in the prairies, during the fires). Anyway, Bobby has no idea how wide his trailer is because he only pulls it twice a year, so my 0 inches of shoulder is now -18. Fun day. Never cycle anywhere near Sudbury. The roads are terrible and the drivers are inconsiderate. Actually, so far on this trip I would say stop riding around Calgary.

Ride Stats

Distance160.3 km
Elevation Gain674 m
Start Time 8:01 am
Riding Time 7 hours, 09 minutes
Total Time11 hours, 18 minutes
Average Speed22.4 km/h
Top Speed49.0 km/h
Average Temperature26.0 °C
Average Power131.7 W
Energy Burned3780.0 Calories
Average Cadence rpm
Average Heart Rate bpm
Peak Heart Rate bpm
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