Eastbound and Down

This is much more like I expected Ontario to feel. Previously, most of the words on the map just correlated to words on the side of the highway, where a town used to be, but is now just a word. Today each of the small towns was much more lively which added some great variety and a sense of making progress as we cruised through the area. The shoulder was a lot better as well. We had been warned that it got no better east of the Soo, but 'twas a good day, with good wind at that. Swam in a lake when we got to the campground, and Simon and I ate a whole family's worth of KFC.

Ride Stats

Distance154.6 km
Elevation Gain600 m
Start Time 9:00 am
Riding Time 6 hours, 34 minutes
Total Time10 hours, 15 minutes
Average Speed23.5 km/h
Top Speed54.0 km/h
Average Temperature24.0 °C
Average Power138.5 W
Energy Burned3651.0 Calories
Average Cadence rpm
Average Heart Rate bpm
Peak Heart Rate bpm
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