Lake Superior Park

Today was a beautiful day of riding. We spent most of the day riding south through the Lake Superior Provincial Park, to arrive at agawa bay campground. Our early end yesterday leaves us with an awkward distance to Sault Ste. Marie, so based on tomorrow's favourable wind forecast, we decided to make today the short day of the two. We were at our campsite by around 3pm, which left plenty of time to enjoy the incredible park, swim in the lake, do some sewing repairs, and get in bed early. This park has redeemed the entirety of Lake Superior for me. I could have finished tomorrow in Sault Ste. Marie and never spoken of the lake again, but this place is nice. We were treated to a great sunset as it dipped into the lake, and the sky has been glowing ever since. Enough writing, I'm going to enjoy this before bed. Still, don't bike through northern Ontario. It's not worth it.

Ride Stats

Distance91.5 km
Elevation Gain754 m
Start Time 8:41 am
Riding Time 4 hours, 40 minutes
Total Time 6 hours, 38 minutes
Average Speed19.6 km/h
Top Speed54.0 km/h
Average Temperature16.0 °C
Average Power125.0 W
Energy Burned2341.3 Calories
Average Cadence rpm
Average Heart Rate bpm
Peak Heart Rate bpm
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