Trombone sound: "Wawa"

This was another hard day. The monotony of the scenery is getting to me, and the challenge is no longer as difficult physically as mentally. The hills and rocks and wind and cold and lack of signs of life remind me a lot of Newfoundland, but at least as bad as that will be, I can tell myself "6 days left. 5 days left..." I did see a bear today though! A black bear, not a cub or an adult, I'll say it was a tween, ran across the road about 100 meters in front of me. I now no longer think I could out-ride a bear if it wanted to get me, he was pretty fast. More like a power-gallop than the frumpy lumber I was imagining. I'm also really sick of the terrible shoulder on highway 17 through Ontario. Simon and I did the math to add a one meter wide shoulder to both sides of the entire highway, and it'd come out to around 4 square kilometres of asphalt. That's roughly 1.3 Costco or Walmart parking lots. Come onnnn tario! We had planned to ride around 150km today, to a campground at the north end of the Lake Superior Provincial Park. After about 110km we turned a corner into a cuttingly cold headwind, which persisted for the next 20km or so, until we threw in the towel at Wawa. Luckily this brought us to what I consider one of the best campgrounds yet, complete with a hot tub and sauna, for about 25% cheaper than the Ontario parks. Solid ending to a rough day.

Ride Stats

Distance135.8 km
Elevation Gain822 m
Start Time 8:13 am
Riding Time 6 hours, 19 minutes
Total Time11 hours, 23 minutes
Average Speed21.4 km/h
Top Speed52.6 km/h
Average Temperature18.0 °C
Average Power136.1 W
Energy Burned3457.8 Calories
Average Cadence rpm
Average Heart Rate bpm
Peak Heart Rate bpm
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