Four Weeks (28 Days Later)

Today marks the end of our fourth week on the road. It was a definitely an interesting day. We ended up splurging for a motel last night after getting totally drenched and freezing on the ride. As Simon put it, "objectively speaking this is disgusting, but subjectively it is a palace". By any measure, it was a piece of crap motel. The only saving grace was the lack of bed bugs. We were also blown away by the ability to simply get out of bed, pee, and get back in bed - something you take for granted when the new normal goes something like this: - wake up - pretend you don't have to pee - get really annoyed that you actually do - decide peeing in your sleeping bag would be catastrophic - get dressed - squeeze out of the tent while attempting to let zero mosquitoes inside - fail at keeping mosquitoes out - pee while swatting mosquitoes - get bitten three times anyway - finish peeing - sprint away from your tent to fake out the mosquito cloud that has formed - cut hard back toward your tent while brushing your arms all over your body to get the clingers off - dive back into your tent - commence the mosquito genocide inside the tent - sweat a lot - get undressed once all bogies have been eliminated - go back to sleep So a bathroom is nice, and a bed. Anyway, today was fun. The 10 solid hours of sleep definitely helped morale, and the fact that although it oscillated between 10 and 30 degrees all day, as we climbed 1000m, with a headwind, we didn't get rained on. We also met some really cool folks. One couple is circumnavigating Lake Superior on their summer off from university, and were real friendly. Another guy named Jean-Yves is WALKING from Trois Rivieres, Quebec, to Vancouver, BC. He expects it to take until sometime late this fall. He is a retired chemical engineer, very down to earth, and shockingly normal for someone taking on such a seemingly insane trip. Paul and a rich ran into him a few days ago, and he remembered them, it was very cool to chat with him on the side of the highway for 15 minutes or so. His pace of around 30 km per day makes our 28 day distance feel like a drop in the bucket. Today was filled with great people. In general the highlight of the trip so far has been the overwhelming positivity of the folks we meet along the way. It makes me proud to be Canadian.

Ride Stats

Distance108.0 km
Elevation Gain1088 m
Start Time11:15 am
Riding Time 5 hours, 26 minutes
Total Time
Average Speed19.8 km/h
Top Speed56.5 km/h
Average Temperature16.0 °C
Average Power137.5 W
Energy Burned3006.5 Calories
Average Cadence rpm
Average Heart Rate bpm
Peak Heart Rate bpm
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