Let's get this over with

I wouldn't call it tail winds, more like cross/tail. Still better than a headwind any day. I didn't take any photos, I was too busy riding all damn day. Good progress though. Getting ahead of schedule on the boring parts leaves more relaxed time for the fun parts. My power meter is still not behaving. I'm going to officially not recommend a Stages power meter at this point. I followed all the instructions, updated all the firmware, changed the batteries, and it's still not working properly. The calorie, power and cadence numbers for today's ride are garbage data for that reason.

Ride Stats

Distance222.2 km
Elevation Gain709 m
Start Time 6:24 am
Riding Time 8 hours, 09 minutes
Total Time10 hours, 30 minutes
Average Speed27.2 km/h
Top Speed49.0 km/h
Average Temperature14.0 °C
Average Power18.7 W
Energy Burned610.9 Calories
Average Cadence86.6 rpm
Average Heart Rate bpm
Peak Heart Rate bpm
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