Alberta. Or, LL Cool Day

Finally a day of cooler temperatures! We conquered our first province today, getting to Alberta at around 1:00 pm. We left Golden early to get ahead of the heat as usual, and had some incredible scenery as we climbed over the final peak of the Rockies. After eating poorly yesterday I overcompensated today and it paid off well, I had a ton of energy even after 120km. I still need to get better at post-ride recovery, as I'm out of gas this evening, but the rides are feeling solid.

Ride Stats

Distance143.3 km
Elevation Gain1534 m
Start Time 7:20 am
Riding Time 6 hours, 52 minutes
Total Time 8 hours, 51 minutes
Average Speed20.8 km/h
Top Speed61.9 km/h
Average Temperature16.0 °C
Average Power126.5 W
Energy Burned3494.7 Calories
Average Cadence rpm
Average Heart Rate bpm
Peak Heart Rate bpm
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