Mechanical issue #1

No injuries. Not even a scratch. But a mangled rear dérailleur. After swimming in the pacific this morning, I had used my towel to dry off. I had then attached it to one of my panniers to dry as we rode. All was well, and when we got on the ferry it was dry so I folded it up and left it on my rack while we went up top. Completely forgot about it until it fell into my chain and chewed my RD to shreds. I had no trouble stopping safely, and pulled aside to inspect the damage. Unrideable. Day 1. Ouch. So now I'm sitting on the side of the highway in Delta, waiting for Emily to come save the boy that she was already worried sick about. She's here. She's incredible.

Ride Stats

Distance13.9 km
Elevation Gain13 m
Start Time 5:39 pm
Riding Time32 minutes
Total Time43 minutes
Average Speed25.5 km/h
Top Speed41.0 km/h
Average Temperature23.0 °C
Average Power107.9 W
Energy Burned236.1 Calories
Average Cadence rpm
Average Heart Rate bpm
Peak Heart Rate bpm
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