Day 0 - Part 2: Ferry to the Campsite

That's about it for the first day. Simon and I arrived smoothly, and set up shop before 4:00 pm. Rich will be meeting us here in a couple of hours, and Paul is en route from St. John's. We'll ride to the airport to meet him later this evening, blinky light style. The trip is starting to feel real now. I got my first fly bite on my foot as I wrote this. Seems like reseating the battery in my power meter did the trick... Hopefully that doesn't happen again.

Ride Stats

Distance3.4 km
Elevation Gain43 m
Start Time 3:37 pm
Riding Time12 minutes
Total Time13 minutes
Average Speed16.2 km/h
Top Speed32.0 km/h
Average Temperature20.0 °C
Average Power120.0 W
Energy Burned102.6 Calories
Average Cadence rpm
Average Heart Rate126.9 bpm
Peak Heart Rate149.0 bpm
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